Colin Delany

Colin Delany is a digital strategy consultant and the founder and editor of a website that focuses on the tools and tactics of Internet politics and online political advocacy.

He is the author of several ebooks, including the digital campaigning guide “How to Use the Internet to Win in 2016” and “Learning from Obama,” the definitive overview of the groundbreaking 2008 online campaign for president. As a consultant, Delany works with advocacy organizations and political groups around the world to help them leverage digital tools to achieve their communications, activism, advocacy and electoral goals.

Delany is also a sought-after trainer and public speaker on topics related to digital advocacy and internet politics, and he has given presentations at conferences ranging from South by Southwest Interactive to CampaignTech to Netroots Nation. After starting in the Texas Legislature (where politics is considered a contact sport), Delany later co-founded a targeted search engine for politics and policy during the original dot-com boom. Besides, he also writes the “Technology Bytes” column for Campaigns & Elections and is a Contributing Editor for the Digital Politics Radio show.

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