David Fowler

With over 20 years of experience in the digital marketing industry
strictly focused on the issues associated with digital marketing,
deliverability and privacy compliance. He helps companies navigate the
complexities of the digital ecosystem to ensure client satisfaction
and business ROI.

Mr. Fowler is a seasoned speaker and email deliverability consultant
with national and international engagements that include:

International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP), Federal
Trade Commission (FTC), InBox Atlanta and San Jose, Inbox/Outbox –
London, American Marketing Association (AMA), Messaging and Anti Abuse
Working Group (MAAWG) – US and EU, TRUSTe, Privacy and American
Business and the Email Insider Summit.

Prior to joining Act-On Software Mr. Fowler held US and European based
Senior Management positions focused on Deliverability, Email Privacy,
Sales, Marketing, Business Development and Product Management with
such companies as MarketFish, Blue Hornet / Digital River, Yesmail, XO
Communications, KPNQwest, Qwest Communications, Electric Lightwave,
GST Telecom and MCI.

Mr. Fowler graduated from Marlyhurst College, Portland Oregon.

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