Sujay Jhaveri

Sujay Jhaveri is CEO of Flatiron Media, an email content publisher and lead generation business. 

Before co-founding the company 10 years ago, he spent five years at Beliefnet, the largest online spirituality network. When Beliefnet entered into a Chapter 11 restructuring, Sujay assumed the role of President and helped guide the company through this process, converting $25 million of losses into a viable, consistently profitable company that grew by 700 percent over three years. He was responsible for the sales, marketing, finance, operations and technology groups, and led efforts to build a very profitable email-focused content publishing business.

Prior to Beliefnet, Sujay spent three years at iVillage, where he co-led the revenue effort. During this time, the company’s revenue grew from $12 million to more than $70 million. Sujay began his career as an investment banker and a venture capitalist.

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